Gunzey's Quality Meats

Over the course of half a century, Gunzey’s has perfected its craft, delighting friends and fans at county fairs across central Pennsylvania. Every summer and fall, our family, spanning four generations, grill up our famous Hot Sausage for fair-goers, keeping the family tradition, the fun, and the flavor alive.

From fresh-cut french fries to hand-cut onions, the Gunzey’s approach has been cooking up great tasting food the only way we know how. The way you make it when you love what you do. We love sharing great food with great friends and family.

In the past our loyal customers would have to wait until fair season to get their Gunzey’s fix. Now you can enjoy our delicious food all year long as we have opened a restaurant in Jersey Shore, PA at the Bald Birds Brewing Co. Now you can enjoy one of our famous Hot Sausage Sandwiches along with an amazing Bald Birds beer to wash it all down. What could be better?

We look forward to seeing all of you at the restaurant and at your local fair in the summer. Thank you!